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Guitar Lessons Mansfield

Tuition is all private one-to-one and designed to meet your interests and needs. Lessons with a friend or family member can also be arranged. Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and also music theory lessons are available in Nottingham.

Home tuition is also available depending on availability (learn in the comfort of your own home)


Strum for fun or work towards your career with music qualifications to a professional level.

We can work towards your guitar, bass or music theory grades and diploma grades or simply Play what you want to play, learn what you want to learn.

Lessons can be arranged for either half-hour or an hour, weekly or fortnightly. Weekly

always works best to keep up a level of interest and practice needed.

Below are all styles taught


  • pop                                             

  • rock

  • metal

  • blues

  • country

  • jazz

  • funk

  • slide

  • fingerstyle





  • Acoustic
  • folk
  • sight reading
  • chords
  • slap bass
  • rythm
  • finger tapping
  • sweeping
  • lead solo
  • improvisation
  • music theory
  • punk
  • modes
  • barre chords
  • singer song writer
  • Etc... covering over every style and theory
guitar lessons in mansfield

Rock and Pop Guitar

Simply just learn how to play songs by your favourite artists from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Blink 182, right through to Metallica, Pantera, Manson, Sum 41, Duran Duran, 50's Rock & Roll, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's Anything can be learnt. If your a complete beginner or you already know a few chords, your playing can always be taken forwards. 


Acoustic Guitar

Focus on finger picking, singer song writing, simple chord strumming and percussive playing styles.

Learn different songs by great acoustic songwriters from Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan to Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, Nirvana and broaden your playing by learning how to figure out acoustic versions of your favourite songs.


Blues Guitar

Blues playing is the foundation of all rock guitar playing and soloing/improvisation. Learn different variations from the 12 bar blues, lead licks, including finger picking styles. Learn popular blues guitar solos and songs, from BB King, Eric Clapton, Robert Jhonson.


Jazz Guitar

Learning Jazz guitar can take your playing to the next level. Learning extended chord shapes, modes, extended scales and different chord progressions. This will all help to advance playing in improvisation, time signatures and writing songs i.e chord structures and all music theory.



For any questions, queries or to book a lesson please call or email

Martyn Stone - Grade 8 - Diploma - BA (Hons)

Full enhanced disclosure CRB.

RGT Registered Tutor

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